Image is everything...

The importance of image...

In todays economy, image is everything.  The internet, smartphones, and tablets make quality images for your business more important than ever.



Visuals provide instant insights into the quality of a business, product or service.  Image is everything is not just a shallow, offhand comment.  Your website, printed pieces, everything with your name attached to it is instantly judged by the images, design and quality of the media.



Don’t lose business because you cut corners on your image.


What is the primary goal for our photography?  Impact.  If we can create an image that draws a viewer’s attention, makes them pause and study the image, and is memorable, then we have achieved impact.  On every assignment we work with our client to create images with impact.  Through the use of composition, lighting, color, mood or style we design a view of our subject that reflects the client’s desired message from the image.

We have, for over twenty five years, provided high quality images for a wide variety of clients. In this time we have photographed everything from intricate small products such as jewelry, to nationally known celebrities including:


•Arnold Palmer

•Casper Weinberger

•Ted Koppel

•James Loften

•Kellie Pickler

•Little Big Town



* Unfortunately we are not able to use images created for any of these well-known people due to image licensing issues. When we asked one of these celebrities if we could use images for self- promotion we were quoted an image licensing price of $40,000 per image.

The Planning of image…


We work with clients early in the crerative process to plan images that fit their concepts and follow through to final copy.  We created the images for the cover of “ Life & Style in Southern

Illinois.  After stories for the upcoming issue are chosen the editor sends us highlights of the issue and we create the photographs.  The

Issue  below is a great example of us getting the “No Passport Required” tag line and designing an image.  Notice the space above and to the right of our traveler?  This was left there to accommodate the copy for the cover.


The Cost of image…


Commercial, aerial, and small product photography are billed in two segments.  First we invoice the client for the time involved planning, preparing for, and creating the requested images.  This may

include research, props, lining up models, travel, set design, set building, building materials, whatever is needed to create images with impact the client requested.


Next we invoice for image editing, final preparation, final output and image licensing.  Image editing involves processing files, creative manipulation, retouching and color correcting the images then

creating the file or prints requested by the client, burning the files to disk, or transferring them to the client electronically.



All images created by Davies Photography are copyrighted. A license or copyright release outlining usage is required prior to publication.  Licensing fees are based on use and distribution. The digital age has made it easier than ever to copy images and use them whenever or wherever. The digital age has also made copyright infringement much easier to track down.  The Copyright Act of 1978 provides fines up to $150,000 plus costs for each violation. With a service from Digimarc we can embed a watermark in our image files that is discoverable by a web search that identifies and reports use violations.  We can then request unauthorized images be removed and invoice offenders for copyright infringement.


One of the best benefits we receive with membership in Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is copyright defense.  We once had a claim against Sprint for using one of our images on the cover of a phonebook.  When we contacted Sprint and requested payment, we got nowhere until we mentioned PPA.  Payment soon followed.