I photographed my first wedding in 1980!

With over thirty years of wedding photography experience we have seen just about everything.  We have photographed a wide variety of styles and sizes of weddings through the years.  It would be hard to come across a situation we have not covered in the past.

Most memorable... I would have to choose the late August wedding we photographed outside with a ceremony time of high noon.  A record setting heatwave made it a miserable day to begin with.  The ceremony and reception were in the bride's parents backyard.  As soon as the vows were exchanged and the receiving line finished the refreshments began to flow.  Needless to say, the heat and alcohol created a rowdy party atmosphere for the reception.  Someone came up with the great idea that the bride and groom should be cooled off by a quick toss in the pool!  This was well before the "Trash the Dress" photography trend started and may have been the start of it.  One thing lead to another and shortly the entire wedding party was in the pool.  About five minutes after the melee started someone noticed one of the ushers motionless at the bottom of the pool.  He was quickly pulled to the surface and out on to the pool deck.  Dave performed CPR and after a few minutes the victim responded and began to breath on his own.  He made a full recovery after a few months of lung problems.  

Most enjoyable...  My philosophy for weddings and my business is to build relationships with my customers that transcend business.  I am a photographer because it is who I am.  It is not a job or profession for me, it is a passion.  People who I work with see this in me.  My most enjoyable moments are capturing the emotions and preserving the memories of people's lives that they will treasure forever.  I am always flattered that people put their trust in me to be responsible for preserving precious slices of their lives for generations to come.